Easy A

onesheetInformation: Easy A was a movie released in 2010 by Sony Pictures and director Will Gluck.

Plot Summary: After spending a boring weekend at home, Olive decides to tell her friend a wild and untrue story about how she lost her virginity. After her story is overheard and spread throughout the school, Olive gains a reputation as someone who will just sleep with anyone. Olive doesn’t see the harm in letting a few guys agree that they slept with her, just so they can gain some popularity. But soon, rumors about Olive’s life are out of control and making a real impact on her social life. Olive has to decide if this new life is worth it or if her boring old life is enough.

Critical Evaluation: Easy A is a modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It centers around the importance of a reputation and how a damaging a lie can be, even with the best intentions. Easy A is a satire full of comedy and laughs with such a heavy subject.

Reader’s Annotation: After wild rumors about Olive’s life escalade, she has to decide how she is going to get her old life back, or if she even wants it.

Author’s Information: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Young Adult Fiction

Curriculum Ties: (Florida State Curriculum Standards): N/A

Book Talk Ideas: N/A

Reading Level/ Age Interest: Grades 9-12 and Ages 15-18

Challenge Issues: Sexual References, Language, Crude Humor

Challenge Defense File:

Selection Policy

The System will select and maintain a comprehensive collection of print, non-print, audio visual and electronically accessed materials to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of the citizens of Sarasota County. The System will strive to offer wide ranging collections that meet the various ages, interests, educational levels, and cultural backgrounds of all members of the community and will provide collections through which an individual may explore all points of view and issues of interest. In making selections, the library staff will do so based upon principle rather than personal opinion, reason rather than prejudice, and judgment rather than censorship. Furthermore, staff will be responsive to public demand for materials of contemporary significance and interest, while balancing this with the need to collect and preserve materials of permanent value. While library staff makes material selections based upon the tenet of one system, one collection, selectors recognize the distinct characteristics and needs of the populace that each library services. Community profiles are used to guide selectors in efforts to develop special collections and to meet the unique patron needs within each library.

The ultimate responsibility for selection materials rests with the General Manager of Libraries and the Management Team, who in turn delegates selection responsibilities to the Collection Development Librarians (Sarasota County Policy).  


This is part of the collection because it is a contemporary view of how rumors and lies can impact the lives of teens.

Other recommendations like this include: John Tucker Must Die, She’s the Man, and 17 Again

Active Listening Skills

  • Remain calm
  • Listen thoughtfully and carefully to any arguments for the collection
  • Engage in a discussion that considers every concern, even if you do not agree

Awards: N/A

Reconsideration Form


  • Negative Reviews: N/A

Selection Tools:

Why I chose this movie: I chose this movie because it is a great satire of The Scarlet Letter. It is clever and witty. It has a great message to discourage rumors and lying.


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